Terms and conditions
www.moving-in-air.com is part of Cera. These names are interchangeable.

1. Deliveryconditions
1.1 Deliverytime
1.1.1 Delays
1.2 Damage to the shipment
1.2.1. Insurance
1.2.2 Compensation
1.2.3 Procedure with damaged shipment
1.2.4 Returning products
2. Payment conditions
2.1 Costs
2.2 Processing time of payments
3. Website
4. Liability
5. Skill
6. Privacy

1. Deliveryconditions
1.1. Deliverytime
www.moving-in-air.com will send out orders within 24 hours in 99% of the cases. If you want to be sure of a timely delivery, then contact us to receive a confirmation of the shipping-date.
For deliverytimes per shipping-service, please see the “shipping”-section of our website. These are indications of the couriers; no rights can be derived from this information.

1.1.1 Delays
www.moving-in-air.com cannot be held responsible for delays or non-deliveries that occur due to:
-A wrongful/incomplete/unclear receiver-address supplied by the client.
-Problems at/busy times for the courier.
-Customs controls.

1.2 Damage to the shipment
All products are always checked and tested carefully before they are packaged for shipment. So if a product reaches the deliveryaddress in a damaged condition, then this damage occurred during shipment.

1.2.1 Insurance
When you place your order, you can select different shipping methods. For each country it is possible to select an insured type of shipment. Shipments by DPD are always insured. Shipments by TNTPost/PostNL are only insured when you select an insured shipment (“TNTPost – Insured – Track & Trace”).

1.2.2 Compensation
We will always claim compensation at the courier with you. However, if you selected an uninsured shipment (“TNT Post – No Track & Trace – Uninsured” or “TNT Post – Track & Trace – Uninsured”), then it is almost certain that the courier will not provide any compensation. www.moving-in-air.com cannot be held responsible for compensating the damage in this case. We therefore recommend selecting insured shipment to prevent disappointment.

1.2.3. Procedure with damaged shipment
If a product arrives damaged, and you did select an insured shipment, then the following steps are to be taken:
-Contact us within 4 days after receipt of the shipment.
-Take pictures of:
The packaging,
The products in the packaging,
The damage/defect
-We expect you to return the shipment to us (or in some cases to the courier) within considerable time when you are asked to. You may send us the receipt and the paid amount will be refunded. Kindly do inform us of the costs beforehand.
-When the claim is not accepted by the courier due to the fact that it is entered too late because of delay caused by the client, then www.moving-in-air.com will not be responsible for compensation of the damage.
-The compensation of the damage will always consist of supplying (a) new product(s), and never of refunding the purchase payment.
-The new product(s) will be sent earliest after receipt of the requested pictures and damaged product(s).

1.2.4 Returning products
On the website we have provided the most detailed description of the products by means of pictures and text. When you wish to return a product after receipt, for another reason than damage that occurred during shipment, then you will bear the shipping-costs. You can then request a refund of the purchase-payment of the product(s), minus possible expenses that had to be made by us. The products are to be packaged in a similar, careful packaging as they were received in, to prevent any damage from occurring during shipment.
If products are received by us in damaged on condition, then we will not be able to provide a full refund anymore. We will look at each situation separately in such a case, to see what kind of refund, if at all, can be made. We advise you to use an insured shipment when returning products to us, so any possible damage can be claimed back from the courier. The purchase price will be refunded at earliest when the claim is approved by the courier.

2. Payment conditions
We accept different methods of payment, which you can select during the orderprocess. The payment must always be received by us before the order is shipped out or picked up.

2.1 Costs
You are required to take care of the costs that are involved with the transfer. When we do not receive the full amount because of, for instance, a deduction of transfer-costs, then we reserve the right to not send out the order until the full amount is received or the order is adjusted to the received amount.

2.2 Processing time of payments
www.moving-in-air.com cannot be held responsible for delays that may occur with your order that are caused by the processing time of payments. Please take this processing time into account when you are in a hurry to receive your shipment.
-A Paypal payment through a Paypal account or credit card is (normally) processed directly.
-A Paypal payment through a bankaccount can take up to one week approximately.
-A payment per iDEAL is (normally) processed directly.
-A banktransfer can take from 1 to several days before it is completed.
-A cash payment is only accepted when it is made in person. Cash per mail is not accepted.
-To agree upon a cash payment upon delivery, kindly contact us. It is not possible to select this option on the website.
-A Moneygram payment is (normally) processed directly. However, delays can occur due to wrongful details or other. We strive to pick up Moneygram payments within 2 days

3. Website
We strive to keep the stock of www.moving-in-air.com as accurately displayed on the website as possible; it can however occur that a product is temporarily unavailable. You may always contact us to check availability.
We strive to keep the information on the website up-to-date, however, mistakes in the information supply can occur. We reserve the right to change the information on the website at any time. In unclear situations, our information/judgment per e-mail is decisive.
We strive to provide all information in multiple languages. No rights can be derived from these texts or possible wrongful information that is displayed due to mistakes that occurred in the translation.
We strive to display the products as truthful as possible on the provided images. However, colors may be different in reality. No rights can be derived from the pictures on the website.

4. Liablity
www.moving-in-air.com cannot be held liable for any damages arising out of the purchase, handling and/or use of the products offered.

5. Skill
Playing poi and juggling requires practice. If you break your poi while practicing or playing, we cannot be held liable for the damage. In this case we will not provide a refund or supply a new product. We always advise to play or practice in open spaces. Some poi are more suitable for practice than others. With some poi it is advised to use them only for moves you already master. For more information about a product you can always contact us.

6. Privacy
Your address-details will only be used to ensure the delivery of the products you ordered. Your personal data will not be disclosed to any third party. By ordering you automatically subscribe to our newsletter, if you do not wish to receive it, then you can unsubscribe by sending an e-mail about this to info@ moving-in-air.com .